You can order our new CCD-Guide 2024 as download version for 29€ or as USB stick version for 39€ + postage. If you have already purchased an older CCD-Guide version, you can get an update to the new version at reduced prices from us. Pupils and students receive the CCD-Guide free of charge for their pre-scientific work and projects. Please note that USB sticks can only be delivered to Europe (except UK). If you have any problems or questions regarding our sales page, please send an e-mail to info “@” astronomie.at

Highlights of CCD-Guide

System requirements

CCD-Guide is executable on all current Windows PCs (Windows 10 or higher) without installation.

Our thanks go to

for software development

  • Hartmut Bornemann
  • Reinhard Rausch

To the whole CCD-Guide team for all the work in the background:

  • Hannes Bachleitner
  • Markus Blauensteiner
  • Hartmut Bornemann
  • Erwin Filimon
  • Benjamin Hartwich
  • Bernhard Hubl
  • Peter Huemer
  • Günter Kerschhuber
  • Wolfgang Leitner
  • Rolf Löhr
  • Konstantin von Poschinger
  • Reinhard Rausch
  • Alois Regl
  • Oliver Schneider
  • Harald Strauß
  • Willi Wacker
  • Herbert Walter

All CCD Guide Astrophotographers for their images.