New CCD Guide Download Server

Since the download server of CCD-Guide will be moved in the next weeks for technical reasons, all CCD-Guide 2022 users are asked to update as soon as possible. Updating is quite simple:

  1. start CCD_Guide.exe.
  2. If an “i” symbol is visible in the blue CCD_Guide window at the top, then an update is available. In this case, call the Update function under Utilities and then press the Update button. -> Done

If the update is not performed in the coming weeks, then the local CCD-Guide installation will remain fully functional after the changeover of the download server, but no image downloads and no future updates can be retrieved.

New CCD Guide Forum

To better answer questions about CCD-Guide and to improve the exchange between CCD-Guide users, we have created a new forum:

Here you can find a category “CCD-Guide german”:

All users and interested parties are cordially invited to take advantage of this new opportunity.